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Academic Attire

Academic Uniform


Not Approved

  Should not be seen on campus

None No head scarves
No athletic head bands
No beanies/caps/hats of any kind


Solid red or white -- exception: Stanford MS designed shirts
Shirts worn under tops must be red or white
Collars are optional
No bare midriffs
No tank tops, low cut or sleeveless blouses or shirts
No lace or cleavage showing
No exposed undergarments


Solid black -- Black jeans are allowed but they must be dark black.
Solid black leggings may only be worn under a long top or dress
Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length or longer
No cut offs, frayed pants or shorts
All clothing should be hemmed and free of holes
No sagging, dragging or baggy clothes

Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Light Jackets

Stanford sweatshirts or plain sweatshirts (solid gray, black, white or red -- No logos).  

Heavy Outer Wear for Inclement Weather

Outside use only -- Stanford colors preferable
Hoods worn down at all times except outdoors during inclement weather


  No toeless, strapless at the back or platform


Bike helmets are required for riders
Students are allowed to wear UV protective sunglasses for outside use, only
No badges, patches, spiked accessories, pajamas, slippers, wallet chains, initialed belt buckles, skull and crossbones, and other inappropriate symbols
No writing on backpacks other than student name and manufacturer's logo
No writing on skin
Physical Education clothing is for PE only, and not to be worn at school outside of PE

Free Dress Days

Free Dress days are announced and coincide with picture days, dances and special events. Students may wear non-uniform clothing but standards/rules listed above still apply.

Loaner Clothes System

The loaner clothes system is required for ALL students violating the dress code, with immediate change outs for students who violate uniform and dress standards.


Citations are issued on all offenses

  1. First offense -- Warning and parent notification
  2. Repeat violations -- Detention, community service, parent conference


Stanford dress standards were revised/reviewed annually. Standards were approved by approved by Stanford's Site Based Decision Making Committee on 1/25/11.